Aug 5, 2010

Airtricity Lge XVI vs Manchester United

Manchester United ended their pre-season match with SEVEN HEAVEN gl0ry...
Against player from League of Ireland, Manchester close their campaign with style..
7-1.. g0al laden at brand new stadium..
Seven heaven babeh!!! meanwhile our noisy neighbor silent down by Borrusia Dortmund!! 0hhh  i like!!

here enjoy The Devils in action..

industrious Rooney, but he cant find the net.. sigh..

Park do the double..
wh0 said he signed with MU just for shirt sale?

0h what the goal!!!!!!
master class babeh!!

He hit the net again!!!
Devil on fire..
watch it Chelsea

Valencia did in style..
Ronaldo who?

Our wall love to score rite now!!

thanks Chicharito.. ermm for this spot kick..

p/s: agak-agak ade can tak The Sun ambik aku tulis satu c0lum kat paper di0rang?


  1. Yeah. We're United. Not arrogant just better!

  2. aku xsabar nk jumpa liverp00l..

    "c0me here when u g0t 18!!"

    masih ku ingt banner itu..

    salam bl0gger c0mrade!!